Date Night❤

Hallelujah! thank You Jesus! God morning to all! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday the Lord has made👐🌞 

So last night hubby and I went out on a date, yaaay! Ya know how it is when you have kids, time gets away from you. But it is critical to make time to spend alone with your spouse. To connect on a spiritual and sexual level without the worries of everyday life. And just reflect on yourselves as individuals as well as in oneness. 

We try to make it a priority to have consistent date nights. It helps build your love. To fill each other up and Keep the fire burning ❤ To Encourage and support one another. And truly communicate one anothers needs ❤ Keep building towards A Happy Blessed Marriage❤ Love should always be the foundation of your relationship. God is Love 💖 

1 Thessalonians 3:14 May the Lord make your Love increase and overflow for one another. Amen!

Song of songs 3:4 I found the One whom my Soul Loves. Amen!

Be blessed 😘 #TOJESUS #MarriageKingdom #GodsLoveStory


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